You are in a twisty maze of D&D blogs, all alike...

Welcome to the inaugural post on Half-Damaged, the clever name I came up with for a blog I will occasionally be posting to to collect and share the various bits of wisdom I've accumulated from across the internet about Dungeons & Dragons. I'm currently running a D&D 4th Edition campaign and (despite some minor complaints) generally really like the edition, so the content here is going to focus mostly on DMing a 4e campaign.

Hopefully this blog will contain some real original content at some point (carefully censored for my players benefit, of course!) but for now the main motivation has just been to collect the variety of truly helpful information I've found online over the past year, in the hopes of directing more aspiring DMs to it. Within the next few weeks I will hopefully add some posts on things like House Rules and Skill Challanges, since I have put a lot of thought into those topics that I would love to share and get feedback on.

Everyone roll initiative!

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