House Rules

Drama Points

As a reward for creative play (or just being a good sport and maximizing the fun) the can choose to award players a Drama Point. These Drama Points are retained until expended, and when used grant one of the following abilities:
  • Gain and immediately expend an Action Point
  • Immediately re-roll any d20 check they just made, keeping the new result
  • Gain a +4 Hero Bonus to any check for a skill you are trained in (before rolling the check)
A player may only spend one Drama Point per round (in initiative order) or per roll (during skill challenges), and may not transfer points between players/characters.

Rest and Healing

In addition to Short and Extended Rests, players have the following options:

Catch Your Breath

For back-to-back encounters where characters may not have time for a Short Rest (5 minutes) players may instead spend 30 seconds (or 5 rounds) to catch their breath and prepare for the next assault. During this time, characters rest and tend to wounds and can engage in moderately strenuous physical activity. Continue applying any ongoing effects each round, rolling saving throws as necessary.

If players have not yet used their Second Wind, they may do so now for the usual benefits. After this rest, all characters regain their Second Wind ability, and may choose to expend one Action Point to regain one Encounter Power as well.

Rally Strength

In place of a Short Rest (5 minutes) players may elect to spend a 1 hour resting to restore some of their lost stamina. Characters may treat this as a short rest for the purposes of expending healing surges. Additionally, each player may elect to spend an Action Point for a chance to regain healing surges by rolling an Endurance check -- the character regains one Healing Surge if they beat a moderate DC for their level, and an additional Healing Surge if they beat a hard DC.

Fatigue Points

If at any point a player has the chance to spend a Healing Surge but has no surges left, he or she may choose to gain a Fatigue Point and spend a surge as if one were available. Fatigue Points have the following properties:
  • A character takes a -2 fatigue penalty per Fatigue Point to all d20 rolls
  • All Fatigue Points are removed after an Extended Rest, but are subtracted from the character's total healing surges once they are restored. For example, if a character has 2 Fatigue Points and a maximum of 11 Healing Surges, then after an Extended Rest the character starts with no fatigue, but only 9 Healing Surges.

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