DM Resources and House Rules!

I took the time this morning to add some new pages to the blog. At the top, you should see a bar with three links: Blog (this page), DM Resources, and House Rules.

DM Resources contains a brief list of websites, tools, and accessories I've found to be helpful in my gaming experience. I'll be adding things to this list as I come across them, but if there's anything you think I'm leaving out that would be a great addition, please send me an e-mail!

House Rules is a listing of all the various rules additions I have come up with for use in my campaigns. Not all of them are necessary, but they serve to give me additional tools and flexibility to make the game play just as I want it to. I'll be expanding this in the near future, and I plan on writing some posts about the intention and design of the rules that are already on there so stay tuned.

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